Independence Hill is family owned and operated. We pride ourselves on being accessible and having a hands on approach in regards to supporting our families and residents. The home-like feel of our community creates a comfortable environment where we affectionately refer to ourselves as the Independence Hill Family.

We ARE Family!

From: Susan Uptmore (Daughter of Mrs. Carter)
My mom has lived at Independence Hill since 2013. Prior to moving to assisted living she lived at Independence Hill Retirement Community. We love it. Before she moved her there, she stayed in her condo and did nothing at all. My mother did not want to move, but within one week, we couldn’t find her in her apartment because she was always out socializing with new friends, playing Bingo and numerous other games she enjoys. The dining experience at Independence Hill has always been exceptional with a variety of delicious and healthy choices. All of the staff which includes wait staff at the dining room, activities, medication personnel, front desk personnel, housekeeping, and anyone else I have left out who make my mom feel at home and loved. It is always amazing to me that the moment a resident moves in, everyone knows his/her name. This is a top notch establishment that has been such a blessing for my mom.

Nils and Susan Marr (Son of Mr. Marr and Daughter of Mrs. Arispe)
Over the span of 13 years, the Independence Hill community has been home to our parents. During these years, while our parents were residents of all three parts of the community - the Independence Village Homes, the Retirement Resort Community and Assisted Living - we’ve witnessed the unparalleled quality of life which is provided for all those lucky enough to have chosen to be residents of this community. The family of caring staff is always available and willing to accommodate their residents’ needs. At Independence Hill, the prevailing attitude seems to be that each new day is an opportunity to improve upon the day before. This, we believe, is in large part the key to the success of this community.

Donna Wright (Daughter of Mrs. Weichlein)
At 95 years old, the time was here… should my mother continue to live alone or move to an assisted living?
A year earlier my daughter and I toured Independence Hill Assisted Living with Sherrill Perez, one of their Lifestyle Specialists. I just wasn’t ready to make that very difficult decision yet! As my mother’s safety became an issue, we decided the time was finally right… an apartment was available and she had a new home! After 9 months I asked my mother what did her favorites include about living at her assisted living and she was quick to mention: “homey” atmosphere, Sittercize, lovely walking path, dining room and food, shopping trips, musicals and outings, interacting with other residents and staff AND knowing they truly care about helping elderly people! She loves living at Independence Hill and calls it “home!”

Linda Goldfarb (Daughter of Mr. Ratcliff)
“Praise the Lord for the staff at Independence Hill Assisted Living!”
The fabulous thing is, I don’t have to name names! Truly, every staff member has become our extended family. We have comfortable confidence, in the care and friendship our 84 years young dad experiences when we are not there.

Mike Slaven (Son of Mr. Slaven)
There are not enough words to describe the peace of mind Independence Hill Assisted Living provides to families. From our personal experience, the care dad has received has been outstanding. 24/7 the staff is ready to assist at whatever level is required. Every need is met, and most "wants" as well. The menu is outstanding, tastes great, and most of all is healthy. His Type II diabetes has all but disappeared since eating better and more regularly. His apartment, too, is well maintained, cleaned, and things freshened up on a weekly basis. I don't know what we would have done had we not taken that first step and contacted Independence Hill.

Mickey Majors (Daughter of Ms. Pemberton)
Independence Hill is a true blessing. My mother became a resident about 5 years ago. The staff treats her like family. They are so gracious with her every need. I highly recommend Independence Hill as a wonderful place to live.

Cathy Lyman (Mr. Murillo)
My dad has lived at Independence Hill Assisted Living for almost a year; but prior to that he had been living in the independent side of Independence Hill for approximately 5 years. When dad needed more help with managing his medications, we didn't hesitate to look into the Independence Hill Assisted Living. Sherrill Perez, Lifestyle Specialist and Lisa Norwitz, Community Director, were very helpful in making dad's transition from independent living to assisted living. All the staff at assisted living truly CARE about their residents. When dad has had to be hospitalized, they have called to check in and see how he's doing. They are always so happy to see him come back home. There was a time when dad was hospitalized and then went into rehab. Dad was so ready to be home in his familiar environment at Independence Hill. When it was time for him to be released, the Nurse Practitioner at the rehab facility wasn't sure he could go back home because she wasn't convinced that his assisted living facility could check his blood sugars and blood pressure. I told her that my dad is at Independence Hill Assisted Living and they already monitor this on a regular basis and document the information. I checked with Lisa and she assured me that dad would be fine and they would continue to monitor his blood sugars and blood pressure as they always have. Dad was happy and relieved to go home and see all his friends at Independence Hill. Because of my dad's health issues, I must commend the staff who keep track of dad's many prescriptions and overall well-being. When dad is running out of medications, they contact us well in advance. If they have any questions or if dad doesn't appear to be feeling well, they contact us. The medical aides are also very helpful. The front desk personnel are so patient and amazing. It really takes a special person to work the front desk and Assisted Living has some of the best staff. We appreciate the help of those who remind dad of his appointments even though they provide him with a written list which we send every month. The dining room staff has also been helpful by providing me with a 3 month meal menu so I can help dad make healthy choices. We feel very blessed and appreciative knowing that dad is in a safe, caring and clean environment with an amazing staff. Thank you!

Connie Headrick (Daughter of Mrs. Proudy)
My mother became an Independence Hill Assisted Living family member. It was at that time that I realized how alone she had been in her own home. This being said, she enjoyed the outings, the games, the crafts, the convenience of the beauty shop, the quality of the meals but most of all the care and concern given her by the Personal Care Attendants and the Dining Room Servers. It was a joy to see her respond with calm in her new home. We were blessed to have found Independence Hill Assisted Living. Since her passing, I have continued to volunteer several days per week to help with the many activities offered.

Tammy Zook (Owner of the in-house beauty salon since 2003)
I believe Independence Hill Assisted Living is an amazing, loving, and compassionate place; this includes staff and the assisted living residents. I have become friends with so many of the residents. They have such big hearts and still have so much to teach. Many have been great mentors to me. The love and compassion I have received from them is truly amazing. I watch the staff with the residents and they are so good with them; this is not a job for just anyone. They shower them with so much care and concern. I see them have so much fun with the residents during festivities and daily activities. The residents here are not just another number they feel like family and friends.

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